Can I pay my premiums with a credit card?

Yes, with most carriers you can pay your initial premium with your credit card. We also can take payments via electronic check.

Is my information safe?

Absolutely. All life insurance carriers must comply with HIPAA laws.

If I don’t like the offer I receive, what can you do for me?

Because we are a broker, we can shop through several carriers to find the best rate.

What happens at the end of the guaranteed term?

If you do nothing, rates will increase annually. However, our policy is not to let you get to that point but to have you lock into a new term.

Are you licensed in my state?

We are licensed in 46 states. The only states we aren’t licensed in are Hawaii, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.

Why would I choose C&C over my local agent?

Simply because we specialize in working with legal professionals.

Do I have to give blood?

Yes, all A-rated carriers require a small blood sample. The technicians are trained to make it as quick and painless as possible.

Who can I name as my beneficiary?

Any person or entity with an insurable interest.

What is the advantage of having a separate owner?

The owner is responsible for making the premium payments and is the only one that can make changes to a policy.

How long will the application process take?

Typically 4-6 weeks.

Should I put my policy in a trust?

This decision should be made with your estate planner, but there are advantages to keeping the death benefit out of your gross estate.

How much coverage can my stay-at-home spouse buy?

Most of our carriers will insure a non-working spouse for up to $500,000 or the same amount as the working spouse, whichever is less.

If I already have coverage with another agent, can you evaluate how it is performing?

Certainly; we would be happy to take a look at any other coverage you have and see if it fits your needs.

Can I insure my minor children?

Yes; all of our carriers offer Universal Life policies for minors, and one (Genworth) offers term.

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They have continued to service and update my insurance program through the years. I never have to worry whether or not I have a competitive product.

Truly outstanding personal service! Thank you!

Cave & Cheney was very helpful in assisting me with completing this process which included good follow up. Thank you for your patience.

Very Efficient and competitive!

Excellent service and prompt attention

Good follow up, friendly people and easy process.

I’m pleased with the way this was handled & will be happy to recommend your agency.

Thank You. It is nice to work with a company that is so professional. It makes life so much easier. Keep up the good work.

This team is great! Very Client-Focused and always very responsive to questions.

Everyone was kind and respectful. Went smoothly.

Your team was very professional and did a solid job of communicating with me through every step of the process.

Wyatt and team were very helpful; calls were returned (and emails) promptly and all very professional.

The team members were extremely helpful in my application process. Very patient answering my questions. Friendly and always pleasant.

Very Smooth – No roadbumps… or landmines – Efficient!!

Very impressed with Jennifer Smith, Derek, Alaina, and team! Explained everything thoroughly to my satisfaction. Thank you!

Client Service was Fantastic!

The entire team was extremely helpful and patient with me as I took way too long to focus on this and make a decision regarding the policy I was to obtain. Thank You!

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