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    Cave & Cheney offers Customers Term, Whole, and Universal Life Insurance since 1986. The professionals at Cave & Cheney work with the nation’s top-rated insurance companies in order to deliver life insurance solutions tailored to meet individual needs. As an experienced top broker, we represent over 20 of the top-rated carriers in the country.


    Over 30 Years Experience

    Since 1986, we’ve expanded to an amazing staff of 50 with six licensed agents in house, serving over 12,000+ clients.

    Flexibility Benefits

    Our goal is to provide a solution that will meet your needs today while offering the flexibility you may need tomorrow.

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    Our approach to presenting the right products saves our clients time while ensuring they receive exactly the coverage they require.

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    Why We Buy Life Insurance

    It’s called Life Insurance for a reason

    It’s not often that you’ll purchase something that will have as strong an impact on someone as life insurance. There are myriad reasons for buying life insurance and the reasons can vary greatly depending on the individual buying the coverage, the surviving family members and even the economic future of unrelated persons.

    Life Insurance for your family

    Maintaining the financial stability of your family in the event of your death is still the most common and, arguably, the most compelling reason for purchasing life insurance. As the wage earner, your absence creates a financial void. Unfortunately, even when you’re no longer there, the financial obligations don’t go away. Your family still must cover:

    • Mortgage payments
    • Auto loan payments
    • Student loans/Educational expenses
    • Credit card debt
    • Basic living expenses (food/clothing/utilities/gas/insurance)
    • …And the list goes on and on

    Lost income isn’t the only financial consideration.

    Just because you’re not the ‘breadwinner’ doesn’t mean your untimely death won’t have a serious financial effect on your family…especially if your family includes dependent children. Your expenses could actually increase should you lose your partner, as you may need to pay for:

    • Daycare
    • Housekeeping services
    • Tutor(s)
    • Grief Counseling

    The last thing you want to leave your family with is a financial burden on top of the emotional pain of losing a loved one. Life insurance may be the most important gift you’ll ever give to your family.

    An inheritance without strings attached

    Life insurance is a smart way to gift survivors after you’ve gone. Life insurance benefits are not subject to income tax. You can also speak to your accountant about establishing a spouse or surviving child as the owner of your life insurance policy to avoid estate tax. Life insurance provides you with an opportunity to leave a substantial financial gift without leaving them with a huge tax burden.

    Life Insurance for your business

    You’ve worked hard to build a successful business, but you’ve had lots of help along the way. You, your business partners and perhaps your children have all played a key role in developing a business that’s provided financial support for so many employees and their families. What happens if you’re not there?
    Many savvy business owners have discovered peace of mind and future security for their company with the right life insurance package. From key employee life insurance to more traditional life insurance policies for surviving family members, the right coverage can provide the financial support your business will need should it loose one of its most valuable assets.

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