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The professionals at Cave & Cheney work with the nation’s top-rated insurance companies in order to deliver life insurance solutions tailored to meet individual needs. Our clear, concise approach to presenting the right products saves our clients time and frustration while ensuring they receive exactly the coverage they require.

While every individual may have different reasons for needing specific life insurance protection, the following chart is a great tool in taking the first step towards determining the right coverage for you:

Life Insurance Comparison Chart

Term Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance Universal Life Insurance
Death Benefit mark mark mark
Low Cost mark
Access to your Money mark mark
Guaranteed Cash Value mark mark
Tax Advantages mark mark mark

Still have questions? Let Cave & Cheney help.

There are many factors to be considered when choosing the right type of life insurance. Health, gender, current age and need for flexibility: all of these and many other issues come into play when determining the most effective life insurance plan.

Our consummate professionals will help you make an informed decision based on your individual needs.

Our goal is to provide a solution that will meet your needs today while offering the flexibility you may need tomorrow. Even the best-laid plans can change due to necessity…and without warning. A policy that can adapt and evolve can help alleviate possible frustrations in the future.

New additions to the family, a change of occupation, rapid business growth, the addition and/or separation of partners and key employees: all represent a tiny portion of the vast sea of change that’s possible. Your life insurance portfolio should be flexible enough to weather the storms as well as take advantage of opportunities as they arise. We’ll help maximize your life insurance potential to the fullest.

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